Material Data

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                        The following data is available online:

                        West System Epoxy
                        Typical physical properties.

                        MGS Epoxy data
                        Details for Laminating Resin L285, Hardeners 285 and 287, outlining characteristic, application, specifications, processing details, mixing ratio, temperature rise while curing, and gel time.

                        PRO-SET Epoxy data
                        This page provides a chart with general comparisons of PRO-SET Resin/Hardener combinations. There are also links at the bottom to product technical data.

                        Rohacell Foam Data
                        This page provides basic technical information on the 3 different grades of Rohacell foam that we offer.

                        Popular Weave Styles
                        Illustrations of four common weaves.

                        Fiberglass Data (Specifications for E-Glass)
                        Find the following information for CST's fiberglass products: weight, weave, thread count, breaking strength for warp and fill, thickness, and typical finish.

                        Aramid Fabric Data
                        Specifications on count, weight, weave, thickness, breaking strength and finish of the various aramid fabrics in the CST catalog.

                        Kevlar® Yarn Data
                        Specifications for density, tenacity, breaking strength, elongation at break, modulus, finish on yarn, and moisture regain.

                        Graphlite Data Chart
                        Tensile strength, compressive strength and other tolerances.

                        Helpful Aids
                        Other reference materials such as conversion charts, definitions of composite terms and more.

                        Comparison Data for Pultruded Shapes
                        This page provides basic comparative technical information on the 4 different series' of pultruded shapes that we offer.

                        DPP™ Pultrusion Specifications
                        This page provides the technical tolerance specifications for the DPP™ pultruded shapes that we offer.


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